Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 3: My first love...

I've had a first like and a first love, so I'm going to go with the first love kay? ;)

On June 8th 2010 I met my first love Jason Peterson. He was from Wisconsin and was out in Utah on vacation. He had known my sister when they had both gone to school at Nauvoo University. Unbeknownst to me, she had talked to Jason about me quite a bit while they were at school together, so when he was here in Utah he came out to visit. I met him and he met me and the rest is history. We talked over the phone and computer for the next 2 months, I went out to visit him and his family in August, and by the end of that week we had fallen in love. We dated long distance until March 31st when he went on his mission for the LDS church. Our relationship has changed a bit to fit our current situation, and I am so proud of him for serving the Lord and helping others to find true happiness.

It's hard to tell you exactly how I feel, but Lucy Woodruff (wife of George Albert Smith, 8th president of the LDS chruch) put it perfectly when she said of her soon-to-be-husband: 
“Tonight I retire with a thankful heart to God … and pray that he may give me strength to be more deserving of the love of one whom I firmly believe to be one of the best young men that was ever placed on the earth. His goodness and kindness causes tears to come to my eyes.”

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