Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What She Had

She's not that girl
But she's been crying herself to sleep every night
Not that she feels alone
she cries with feer
with sorrow
with anguish untouchable
and no one even knows.
Not a soul
The ache that fills her soul when she knows that one day, you'll belong to someone
Not her
The bitterness of each memory
She opens a book and a picture falls
Sending her to a self inflicted hell
She's tried to numb the pain but it comes
Each waking moment
And what's worse
sleep won't come to her
the moment her head rests on the pillow you fill her thoughts
Sweet memories that slowly kill her
She checks up on you
Hopes your happy
But she dies knowing that you've moved on
That you don't cry like she does
Because even though you loved her like no one else ever had.
She can't bring you back
People talk about true love
I thought I used to know what it meant
even when we were
I thought I knew
Knew that we needed more
but now
This girl knows
She really did have it.
I had you.
That's why I cry

Monday, January 7, 2013


The girl thrived on new
new places
new people
new opportunities
That's all her spirit knew
Knew when her time was up in one place
And knew to move to another
Knew when she was no longer needed in a life
Knew when to move on to new things
Though she kept a little of all the old in her heart
Old memories
old scents
old pictures
That's all her old heart knew
A heart old with goodbyes
Goodbyes welcome
And goodbyes unwanted
But her heart knew
Trusted that it's caretaker was wise
So she took every break
every ache
kept them safely tucked away
The caretaker
With gentleness
would take her scarred heart
In his scarred hands
And giver her